Best Yoga Blocks of 2024

Best Yoga Blocks of 2024

Yoga blocks are indispensable tools that provide stability, support, and alignment assistance in yoga practice. These versatile props aid practitioners of all levels, from beginners to experienced yogis, in achieving proper form and deepening their stretches. In this article, we will introduce yoga blocks and highlight the five best yoga blocks of 2024. Each block offers unique features, specificities, and benefits that make them stand out in the ever-evolving world of yoga accessories.

Why Yoga Blocks are Useful in Yoga Practice:

Yoga blocks come in a variety of forms and sizes and usually consisted of foam, cork, or bamboo materials.. Their primary purpose is to extend the reach of the hands, provide support, and create space when certain poses are challenging or require extra stability. Yoga blocks help beginners develop strength, flexibility, and balance, while also assisting advanced practitioners in accessing deeper stretches and maintaining proper alignment. You may improve your practice and open up new possibilities on your mat with the correct yoga block.

Five Best Yoga Blocks of 2024

Manduka Cork Yoga Block

The Manduka Cork Yoga Blocks eco-conscious construction, superior grip, and ergonomic design make it a top pick for those seeking sustainable support and stability.

The Manduka Cork Yoga Block is crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable cork material, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious yogis. This block offers a firm and stable foundation for your practice, ensuring reliable support during challenging poses. Even after sweaty sessions, slippage is avoided thanks to the superb grip provided by cork’s natural structure. The rounded edges and contoured design add comfort and make it easy to hold and position the block.


    • Eco-friendly and sustainable cork construction.
    • Excellent grip for enhanced stability.
    • Ergonomic design for comfort and easy handling.


  • Some users may find cork blocks to be relatively firm, requiring adjustment for personal preference.
Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block

 The Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block’s sustainable construction, smooth finish, and versatile density make it an attractive choice for practitioners who prioritize eco-consciousness and user-friendly design.


The Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block stands out for its use of renewable and eco-friendly bamboo material. This block offers stability and durability while providing a comfortable grip. The smooth finish and rounded edges ensure a pleasant user experience. With its moderate density, the Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block strikes a balance between firmness and cushioning, making it suitable for a variety of poses and practices.


    • Renewable and eco-friendly bamboo construction.
    • Smooth finish for a comfortable grip.
    • Versatile density for a balance between support and cushioning.
  • Bamboo blocks may be slightly heavier than foam or cork blocks, which could affect portability for some users.

Liforme Yoga Block

The Liforme Yoga Block’s dual-density construction, precise angles, and durable foam material set it apart as an excellent choice for practitioners who value both support and precise alignment in their practice.


The Liforme Yoga Block features a unique dual-density construction, combining a firm core with a soft outer layer. This design provides exceptional support and comfort. The block’s precision-cut angles and flat sides allow for precise alignment and stability during poses. The high-quality foam material ensures durability, making it suitable for regular use.


    • Design with two densities for the best support and comfort.
    • Precision-cut angles for precise alignment.
    • High-quality foam material for durability.
  • The Liforme Yoga Block may be more expensive compared to other options on the market.

The Yoga Design Lab Cork Block combines eco-friendly materials, a comfortable grip, and visually appealing designs, making it an excellent choice for those seeking both functionality and style.


The Yoga Design Lab Cork Block is a lightweight and eco-friendly option made from sustainable cork material. This block not only provides stability and support but also boasts a visually appealing design. With its rounded edges and comfortable grip, the Yoga Design Lab Cork Block ensures a secure and enjoyable practice. The vibrant patterns and colors add a touch of style to your yoga sessions, making it a standout choice for those who value aesthetics alongside functionality.


    • Lightweight and sustainable cork construction.
    • Rounded edges for comfortable use.
    • Visually appealing design options.
  • Some users may find the block to be relatively less dense compared to other cork blocks, which may affect its durability over time.

The Gaiam Performance Cork Yoga Block stands out for its superior stability, durability, and a nonslip surface, making it an ideal choice for practitioners who value reliability and safety.

The Gaiam Performance Cork Yoga Block is crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced cork material. It offers superior stability and support during yoga poses, making it an ideal choice for practitioners of all levels. The block’s nonslip surface ensures a secure grip, even during vigorous practices, while its durable construction guarantees long-lasting use. With its comfortable weight and smooth texture, the Gaiam Performance Cork Yoga Block provides a reliable and enjoyable yoga experience.


    • High-quality cork material for stability and support.
    • Durable construction for long-lasting use.
    • Nonslip surface for a secure grip.
  • Some users may find the block to be relatively firm, requiring adjustment for personal preference.

Buying Guide

There are several things to take into account while choosing the finest yoga block for your practice. The right partnership can enhance your yoga experience by providing stability, support, and alignment assistance. A purchase guide is provided below to assist you in making a decision:


Common materials for yoga blocks include foam, cork, and bamboo. Every material has advantages and qualities of its own. Foam blocks are lightweight and offer a soft, cushioned feel, while cork blocks provide excellent grip and stability. Bamboo blocks are eco-friendly and durable. Consider your preferences for grip, firmness, and environmental impact when choosing the material that suits you best.

Size and Shape:

Numerous kinds and dimensions of yoga blocks are available. Standard size blocks are approximately 9 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches, but you may find variations. Consider the size that feels comfortable for your hands and provides adequate support for your practice. Additionally, some blocks come in alternative shapes, such as curved or wedged, which can offer additional versatility for specific poses.

Density and Firmness:

The density and firmness of a yoga block play a significant role in its stability and support. Some practitioners prefer a firm block that provides a solid foundation, while others may prefer a softer block that offers more cushioning. Consider your practice level, comfort preferences, and the poses you frequently engage in when selecting the appropriate density and firmness.

Grip and Texture:

Having a secure grip on your yoga block is essential, especially during intense or sweaty sessions. Cork blocks are known for their excellent grip, while foam blocks may have a slightly more slippery surface. Consider the texture and grip of the block, especially if you anticipate practicing in heated or high-intensity environments.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness:

If environmental sustainability is important to you, opt for yoga blocks made from sustainable materials such as cork or bamboo. These materials are renewable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. Choosing sustainable options aligns your yoga practice with your commitment to the planet.

Price and Quality:

While high-quality blocks may come with a higher price tag, they often offer superior durability and performance. Assess the overall quality of the block, including the stitching (if applicable) and any additional features, to ensure it will withstand regular use and provide long-lasting support.

By considering these factors and weighing your personal preferences, you can confidently choose a yoga block that aligns with your practice goals and enhances your yoga journey. Remember, the right yoga block can offer stability, support, and alignment assistance, allowing you to deepen your stretches, improve your form, and explore new poses with confidence.


In conclusion, the five best yoga blocks of 2024 mentioned in this article offer unique features and benefits that can elevate your yoga practice. Whether you prioritize sustainability, grip, comfort, precise alignment, or durability, there is a yoga block that suits your needs. The Manduka Cork Yoga Block stands out for its eco-conscious construction and superior grip. The Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block is a sustainable option with a comfortable grip and versatile density. The Liforme Yoga Block offers dual-density construction and precise angles for optimal support and alignment. The Yoga Design Lab Cork Block combines eco-friendly materials and visually appealing designs. Finally, the Gaiam Performance Cork Yoga Block provides superior stability, durability, and a nonslip surface.

Remember to consider factors such as material, size and shape, density and firmness, grip and texture, sustainability, and price and quality when choosing the right yoga block for your practice. By selecting a yoga block that suits your preferences and needs, you can enhance your yoga experience, unlock new possibilities, and elevate your practice in the year 2024.


Article written by Filomena Figueiredo

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