Best Small Treadmills For Seniors

Small Treadmills For Seniors

If you’re out of reasons to get a small treadmill, here it is: Not only are they compact and fit into your little workspace nicely, but are also extremely lightweight and inexpensive. Some models are also quite sturdy though, so even if a senior thumps it down with their feet, which is very unlikely, they are going to survive the strain nonetheless.


If you’re a senior and you plan on running regularly in an apartment, or a small condo, then you should definitely get one of the best small treadmills for seniors we’re suggesting in this guide. Aside from being compact and fitting in a small workspace, they also complement the size of the room they’re kept in. A huge treadmill in a small room is not something that the eyes are pleased to see.


Here are the 5 best small treadmills for seniors you can choose for, as a present for your grandpa or a treat for yourself.

5 Best Small Treadmills For Seniors

1: Sunny Health & Fitness Walking Treadmill (SF-T7857)

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  • Key Specifications:
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Maximum Power: 2.5 horsepower
  • Maximum Weight: 295 lbs

Shock Absorption

While it might not be much of a great feature at first, but when you think about the purpose of this treadmill, which is mainly built for recovery training, you’ll soon come to realize that the shock absorption technology in this treadmill is definitely something to be grateful for.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Walking Treadmill (SF-T7857) provides maximum shock absorption for a maximum weight of 295 lbs. This means that every time you put your foot on the low step-up height running deck during an exercising position and exertion, the impact on your joints is going to be minimal.

The feature is especially useful for seniors since with age comes problems in the joints and you have to be extra careful with them. Hence the reason why SF-T7857 is our first choice in the best small treadmills for seniors.



Although we do think that the design of this treadmill features recovery training, for all those seniors who like the feel of running and the huffing and puffing that comes along with it, you’ll be glad to know that the 2.5 horsepower motor has the capability to run between 0.6mph to 5mph.

The speed is easy to control as well. You can make adjustments to the speed using the speed adjustment buttons on the console.


Handrails and Monitor

The extensive non-slip handrails are of extreme necessity for those undergoing recovery training and needing additional support for balance and posture. These handrails sit at the top, middle, and sides of the treadmill so you can grab the rails in whatever position is comfortable for you.

As for the monitor, it is digital! Just like any other best small treadmill for seniors. The digital monitor displays estimated calories burnt, Distance, Time, Speed, and mode. Overall a nice display of functions to track one’s progress during sessional workouts.


    • Built-in transportation wheels for easy mobility
    • Low running deck
    • Extensive handlebars and non-slip running surface
  • Too much padding on the belt making it a little stiff

2: EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

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  • Key Specifications:
    ● Material: Aluminum
    ● Max Weight: 300 lbs
    ● Max horsepower: 1.5
    ● Deck Length: 50 inches

Cushioning and noise

Just like the previous one, the TF2000 is also focused on seniors and people undergoing recovery training.

With 10 shock-absorbing deck cushions along with extra reinforcement, the treadmill is going to be super easy on your joints. Plus, with its low height of only 5”, requiring a very easy setup, this treadmill qualifies as one of the best small treadmills for seniors.

The mechanics feature a 1.5HP motor that utilizes the ‘quiet drive’ technology, making it one of the least noisy amongst the best small treadmills for seniors. This is perfect for small apartments and condos as those are the places where reverberating sounds make things seem extra loud than they should be.



The display is quite simple, and if you ask us, quite elegant as well.

The Backlit LCD display features elapsed time, burnt calories, speed, and pulse. Although the pulse feature was not the most accurate of them all for us considering it’s based on a simple algorithm; it does not record your actual pulses instead estimates it from speed, time, and distance elapsed. But, (emphasis on the ‘but’) it’s still a nice little thing to look at every once in a while.

The speed starts at 0.2MPH and goes up to a maximum of 5MPH with adjustable increments of 1/10’s of MPH, making this one of the best small treadmills for seniors undergoing recovery training.


Transporter wheels and Stabilizers

The treadmill comes with built-in transporter wheels to pour in more convenience to its already super convenient size and design. We couldn’t be happier about them.

What’s even better than transporter wheels are stabilizers. You can use them to level the treadmill on an uneven plain, or if you’re feeling a little too jocky during the day, maybe create a small inclination for yourself and see if you can climb it.


    • Stabilizers for stabilizing and inclining
    • Precise speed control
    • Quite drive technology utilization
  • Not the best customer support

3: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M

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  • Key Features:
    ● Material: alloy steel
    ● Max weight: 220 lbs
    ● Max speed: 7 MPH
    ● Foldable


It’s quite rare to find a treadmill that is both non-electric and also high quality to deliver all the required results. Fortunately, though, this treadmill right here fits all the right descriptions.

With its non-electric mechanics, it will not only be super easy to operate but will also go super light on your electricity bills. Not only that, the chances of it needing a repair in its electrical components are technically zero, which means that these kinds of treadmills are the most durable of them all.

Also, not having to synchronize with the pace of the motor gives walking on the treadmill a more natural experience. What could be better than that?



Although non-slip shouldn’t be the most sought-after feature for treadmills that don’t feature a motor, we’re glad that this treadmill does feature a non-slip walking band.

This makes it especially useful for seniors who need the maximum amount of slip resistance to make sure they have the safest training sessions. People undergoing recovery training also need non-slip bands because every movement in recovery training needs to be super accurate and precise, and non-slip bands make sure that they remain that way.


Floor stabilizers and Flywheels

Another 2 features that we think make this treadmill one of the best small treadmills for seniors.

The dual flywheels make sure that you get a continued constant resistance in your running as you speed up on the mill. While it might seem bad, it’s not! The resistance makes sure you don’t over speed and increases your chances of injury. It also makes sure your muscles get all the right amounts of tension and also ensures that the treadmill can be stopped quickly.


    • Non-electric
    • Non-slip foam handlebars
    • Transportation wheels and LCD monitor
  • Manual treadmill; means you must have shoes on with good grip for proper operation


4: NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

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  • Key specifications
    ● Material: Alloy steel
    ● Max weight: 300 lbs
    ● Deck length: 55 inche

SMART motor and incline controls

Before we proceed, know that this is a pretty modern device and hence you should expect good results from this.

That being said, let’s start with the motors that feature SMART-Response technology. The technology allows it to activate its built-in cooling systems automatically based on the type of workouts.


This technology is the reason why we found this treadmill’s motors one of the best in durability and performance. The motor is designed to support all kinds of cardio training including HIIT workouts and endurance runs. So even if you’re not a senior, you can still get this beast.

The incline controls give you a 10% incline to help you introduce more challenges into your workouts and mimic real-life terrains.


Modern display

Truth be told, the machine is quite modern. So modern it features a 10 inch HD touchscreen to control the machine’s functionality.

Not only that, but you can also stream your favorite workout sessions, especially from iFit, on the screen as you do your workout. Stream hundreds of videos on the go with different user profiles.

If you have an iFit membership, your iFit trainers can use the smart technology to remotely adjust your speed and incline based on the stats you’re putting in.


EasyLift Assist

The final feature to make it one of the best small treadmills for seniors is its compact design. And that is brought to you by the EasyLift Assist technology.

The EasyLift feature allows you to fold the treadmill in a compact, storage-friendly, and safe position until your next workout.


    • 30-days free iFit membership
    • Smart display
    • Self-controlling, smart-response motor
  • A little too squeaky

5: XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

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  • Key specifications:
    ● Material: Alloy Steel
    ● Maximum Weight: 250 lbs
    ● Maximum Horsepower: 2.25 HP
    ● Max speed: 10 MPH


The 2.5HP high torque motor helps you attain a maximum speed of 10 MPH which, although we do not recommend for seniors, unless experts, it’s still nice to know that it exists.

The 3 levels of manual incline help in making the workouts more challenging if you’re into such stuff while the smooth motors give you a quiet experience, so much the only thing you’ll be hearing will be your heart banging your chest and your breaths coming in with sounds.



Although not the most technologically advanced treadmill just like the previous one, we still think it offers a few good features to look forward to.

The Interface is easy to read and even easier to operate. The treadmill also features 12 preset programs to make your workouts more fun and more challenging. Simply switching between the presents and the machine will adjust the speed, the inclination, and the resistance and help you get the most out of your workouts.



TR150 comes with XTRAsoft cushioning technology which features a cushioned deck that helps in absorbing maximum impacts and keeps the joints safe.

There’s also an integrated bookrack and an accessory holder to keep your reading materials and other accessories close by. We don’t know who could read with full comprehension during cardio workouts but Yes, you can keep a book if it pleases you on the treadmill and read it on the go.


    • 3 level inclination and 12 presets
    • Integrated bookrack and accessory holder
    • Foldable
  • A little too large

Buying Guide

Consider this buying guide before you make a purchase. It will help you pick the right product.



We cannot stress this enough. If you’re getting one of the best treadmills for seniors, you must always look for good cushioning technology.

Seniors don’t have great mobility in their joints and not enough lubrication as well (read about synovial fluid on google) which translates into them having to be careful with their joints more than the young people.

Considering that seniors use treadmills for the long term, having to walk and/or run up the machine every day or every once in while can impose great levels of stress on the joints, and as a senior, that is the last thing you’ll want.

Hence, whenever you’re getting a treadmill for someone senior, do consider the cushioning.


Digital displays

Controls are important, especially for seniors. But what’s more important is their comprehension and their ease of use.

Make sure that whatever treadmill you’re getting has digital displays that are easy to read through and understand and are easier to operate. Because as a senior, the last thing you’d want is struggling to find the emergency stop button as your muscles are giving up because you can’t jump off the treadmill because you’re too old for that.

The ease of control surely defines the quality of your workouts and plays an important role in your eagerness to start your workouts in the first place.


There isn’t a reason why seniors cannot enjoy the workouts the same way as the young do. The best small treadmills for seniors not only redefine working out for seniors but also makes it easier for them to actually want to start to workout in the first place.


Article written by Filomena Figueiredo

Disclaimer: Strength Holic may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.