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About Us

People’s fast-paced daily routines and stressful work schedules often cause them to ignore their health.

In situations like these, it can be helpful to invest in exercise equipment or engage in outdoor sports, as well as consider taking supplements. Yet, finding the right equipment and suitable supplements to consume can still be a challenging task.

 To make these tasks easy, we developed a website named StrengthHolic. 

We understand that many suggest you can work out without fancy equipment, just like trainers and athletes often do nowadays. However, we think it’s a good idea to buy things like treadmills or spinning bikes because they come with several advantages.

Here are four points highlighting the advantages of investing in exercise equipment:

Consistency: Owning exercise equipment like treadmills or spinning bikes at home encourages regular workouts, as they’re easily accessible. 

Time Efficiency: With busy schedules, having exercise equipment at home saves time otherwise spent commuting to a gym, and quick workouts become more achievable. 

Customization: Exercise equipment allows you to tailor your workouts according to your fitness level and goals. You can adjust settings, resistance, and intensity for a personalized exercise experience.

Variety: Equipment like treadmills, and spinning bikes offer diverse workout options. 


StrengthHolic is home to hundreds of product review articles under the following categories:

Buying exercise equipment or supplements, or other sports accessories has become the norm in the era of online shopping. People tend to buy everything online. However, they encounter challenges when attempting to figure out which product aligns with their specific needs. It usually occurs due to misinformation regarding the features and specifications of the product.

To cope with this, many turn to both consumer reviews and ratings as valuable resources for making informed decisions.

That being the case, StrengthHolic serves as a platform offering expert reviews on fitness equipment, accessories, and supplements. 

Writing Review Articles

One might wonder how StrengthHolic claims to write expert reviews on a considerable number of products on our website.

We are here to break down this for you!

A team of professional developers, designers, and editors runs this website, i.e., StrengthHolic. 

All the products listed on our website are carefully scrutinized from the best-selling products online. 

In order to write a genuine product review article, we interact with the product. Evaluate it, examine its features and look for its positives and negatives. Afterward, the editorial team drafts a review article checked for errors multiple times before publishing. 

It is essential to mention here that we do not take products from companies or manufacturers as part of their PR or advertisement campaigns. 

Moreover, the reviews our experts write are neither in favor nor against any manufacturer’s or company’s products. Our team makes the maximum effort to keep the reviews transparent and factual.

Content of the Review Article

The review articles published on our website are structured in a way that they entail the following components;

  • General overview
  • Product Information 
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Positives and Negatives
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • Conclusion

StrengthHolic pledges to offer its readers the most accurate and up-to-date features of the products relevant to the published categories. In addition, it enables the reader to compare the product by reading expert reviews and finding the product online.

If you have any feedback or comments about our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact page. We greatly value your input and would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

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